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    Old World Tangos - Vol. 3
Rated 5 out of 5
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Album: Old World Tangos - Vol. 3 - Polskie Tango (1929-1939)

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Track List:
1) Tango Dla Ciebie (Adam Aston) [3:17]
2) Zagrajcie Mi (Mieczyslaw Fogg:) [3:15]
3) Stara Melodia (Ch�r Dana:) [2:56]
4) Mily (Hanka Ordon�wna & Ch�r Dana) [2:56]
5) Ja Znam Ci� Tyle Lat (Stefan Nowita) [2:51]
6) Noc Ksi�zycowa (Ch�r Juranda) [3:16]
7) Tamara (Adam Aston) [3:10]
8) Serce Matki (Ch�r Eryana) [2:45]
9) Za Jedno Male Sl�wko (Tadeusz Faliszewski) [2:58]
10) Najpi�kniejsza Signorina (Kazimierz Krukowski) [3:04]
11) Hispano-Juif - Nie Igraj Seniorito (Adam Aston) [2:52]
12) Znam Ci� Ze Sn�w (Adam Aston) [3:06]
13) Tango Brazylijskie (Jerzy Czaplicki) [2:38]
14) Meksyka�skie Tango (Mieczyslaw Fogg) [2:57]
15) Mala Wloszka Z Milano (Janusz Poplawski) [3:21]
16) Granada Spi (Janusz Poplawski) [3:03]
17) Bez Sladu (Ch�r Dana) [2:40]
18) Gdy Odejdziesz (Wiera Gran) [3:39]
19) Zludzenie (Mieczyslaw Fogg) [3:16]
20) Gdy Radio W Pokoiku Gra (Albert Harris) [3:11]
21) Zegnaj (Stefan Nowita) [3:14]
22) Oh, Donna Clara (Willi Kollo) [3:06]

All musical tracks, photos and illustrations used for this CD are from the collection of Jerzy Placzkiewicz. Since decades he collects shellacs, concert posters, music sheets and articles from Poland�s between-wars-period � a treasure giving evidence of a society familiar with romanticism, refinement, style and its perfect expression - the Tango.

Listening to this CD, one joins an important part of Poland�s cultural history that was almost completely deleted from public knowledge by World War II and its conclusions � after all the great majority of the artists involved were of Jewish descent.

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